Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...Already Gone...

I finished off the weekend seeing Gary Panter and Devin Flynn perform at Family Books.

And I also saw some other stuff...

I realized Sam Raimi works in the same office complex as I do.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

From the Past...

A few weeks ago, a fellow classmate from Portfolio Center contacted me. At one point, I doodled this fish, she liked it, and I gave it to her. I have absolutely no recollection of this happening. I do recognize the the work as mine, and the kind of work I would've done while sitting at the front desk doodling with pens and hi-liters. She gave it a background, framed it and has been displaying it ever since. Really sort of blew my mind.


I submitted this to Found Magazine at least 6 months ago (I was still living in Cleveland at the time) and it finally made Find of the Day. I haven't looked at the site in awhile, but was alerted by Google Alerts when someone posted it at IDM Forums. The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

87 Searches That Have Lead People to Goonhead Patrol

1. madballs
2. goonhead application
3. devil desktop
4. monster letters
5. tank trouble
6. vending toys
7. chicken glasses
8. danger bees
9. dave savage
10. dave savage blog
11. mangled bodies
12. prank posters
13. stephen kroninger
14. vending machine toys
15. zombie emoticons
16. "brian donovan" bbdo
17. "danger bees"
18. "dave savage"
19. "drawing on envelopes"
20. "john forgetta"
21. "kerri mahoney"
22. "medusa head"
23. "monster letters" font
24. "punk is crunk"
25. "star jaws"
26. "the kept man"
27. animation festival gisele kerozene
28. animator vs. amputated
29. archie mcphee meat bath mats
30. banners monsters
31. bees in danger 2008
32. berlin sculptures
33. berv
34. blob art
35. butthole
36. character in moods
37. chicken man monster
38. cretin 66
39. cretin 66 blogspot
40. culture jamming notes
41. dave villagra
42. desktop art devil
43. detective comics illustrations
44. diabolical dingbats
45. drawger
46. emoticones madballs
47. fonts "morning breath"
48. goonhead
49. goons underwear
50. haircuts with art in it
51. happy easter letter
52. john hexs creepshow
53. katzenjammer diablo
54. kerri mahoney illustrator usa
55. lakewood car kulture show
56. madballs toys
57. mazine
58. mazine berlin
59. medusa head
60. medusa monster maker
61. medusas head
62. miran delija
63. monster attack san francisco
64. monster oral
65. monsters/banners
66. my butt hole burns
67. no parking illustrator
68. patrol armaud
69. patrol lil
70. planet of the magillas funny garbage
71. poison skull
72. prismacolor pencils and sharpie marker projects
73. ralph steadman art decals
74. savage dingbats
75. savage monsters
76. search tank trouble
77. street haircuts
78. street patrols theme song
79. tank trouble -fish -septic
80. tank trouble on iphone
81. tiki emoticons
82. toy ideas
83. toy vending machines
84. vending machine ideas
85. vending monsters
86. why buttholes burn
87. chicken man monster german