Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

HIgh School

One of my friends from high school posted a bunch of her photos online. And I happened to be in a couple of them. Back in the days when my Cure shirt was in heavy rotation, along with my Dead Milkmen, Sid & Nancy, Siouxsie and Slime Balls shirts.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Stuff

Got good stuff in the mail this week...

Awesome mug from Thabto...

And a t-shirt I designed along with a bunch of candy from Boca Sweets


When I was in NYC, I broke down and went to see a couple mainstream movies. Both were disappointments. But I didn't go into either one expecting much.

First, I saw Death Race. It had its moments, but was nowhere as good as the original, Death Race 2000. I blame the new way of movie making. Film all action sequences from 18 different angles, then do really quick cuts so no shot is on screen for more than a fraction of a second. You see a lot, but you really see nothing. The style does nothing for me, but apparently the kids love it.

Next, I finally got around to seeing The Dark Knight. I tell people that I really don't like superhero movies, to which they normally respond, "Oh, I don't really like superhero movies either, but THIS one is good!" I've heard that about X-Men, Spider-man, Transformers, and of course, the past two Batman movies. And I've been disappointed with all of them. I went into The Dark Knight with an open mind. People have been raving about it. And the movie just didn't do anything for me. I can't figure out why people love it so much. I didn't find the cinematography, story or acting to be anything extraordinary. It really baffles me why people think that this is such a great movie.

For me, there's just something that doesn't translate from the comic book page to live action movies, or even to cartoons.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Evilness Abounds

I just stumbled onto this facetious Fan Club card for a VP that I worked under at one of my former places of employment. He's the total corporate type, so we never saw eye to eye. At one point, he gave me a lecture about creativity. "Creativity is more than graffiti and cartoons." Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

I took out my frustrations by making Fan Club cards for everyone in the department.


At work, I'm creating an e-card where the user can upload their photo to a dollar bill. So the first thing I did was scan in some money. When I went to open the files in Photoshop, I got this warning. Really took me by surprise.